Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The NHS provides most health care free of charge. However there are a number of other services for which fees can be charged. These are mainly for services not covered by the NHS, such as medical reports for insurance companies. Doctors are involved in a whole range of non-medical work, largely on the basis that they occupy a position of trust within the community, and are in the position to verify the accuracy of information. If a GP signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a professional duty that s(he) checks the accuracy of such information. This may involve examining the patient’s entire medical record.

We undertake a full range of private services including;

  • Private consultations
  • Private medicals (inc. HGV/Taxi etc)
  • Insurance reports
  • Private letters
  • Travel Immunisations

Other Services

We also host a range of non NHS services here at Eden House, including: