How to look after your child with a temperature

A child will develop a temperature usually because of an infection. Most childhood infections are caused by viruses. These do not respond to antibiotics. The following advice is to help you bring your child’s temperature down.

Our Advice:

  • Give your child paracetamol syrup, the maximum dosage for their age.
  • Undress and unwrap the child. Remove as much as you can. Much heat is lost through the head so leave it uncovered. Cool down the room.
  • Give plenty of cool drinks as fluid is lost with a fever. If reluctant to drink encourage small amounts of fluid from a favourite cup. For older children ice lollies are usually successful.
  • Most children will respond to this but fevers often come and go over several days.. If the above does not seem to be working or your child remains listless and appears particularly ill, call the doctor for advice.


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